Morrison receives DCO Emerging Leader Award

The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) Emerging Leader Awards honored 3 early career researchers in 2019 for their distinguished performance and unique potential as leaders of the deep

2019 First DTDS Workshop

The topic Deep Time has drawn a lot of attention in geoscience and other disciplines. Several international initiatives, such as the 4D (Deep-time Data Driven Discovery) and DDE (Deep-time Digital Earth), are making rapid developments on research programs.

Congratulations and farewell to postdoctoral researcher Dr. Teresa Fornaro!

A big congratulations to Dr. Teresa Fornaro on her new position as a permanent researcher at the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics!

Hazen, Morrison, and Ostroverkohva invited presentations in Russia, July 2019

Robert Hazen, Shaunna Morrison, and Alexandra Ostroverkhova were invited by Dr.

Report on the Peter Heaney “VizFest”

We had a terrific 2-day meeting at RPI with Peter Heaney of Penn State, Dan Hummer of Southern Illinois University (via videolink), Bob Hazen of Carnegie, and Peter Fox’s data science team.

Boucher and Morrison discuss network analysis of Virginia minerals at the Mineralogical Society of DC!

4D team members 8th grade homeschool student, Cadence Boucher, and Shaunna Morrison presented their collaborative work on the Network analysis of Virginia’s minerals at the

2019 4D Interns employ machine learning in Earth and planetary materials!

The 4D group hosted 6 interns over summer 2019. They worked on varied projects that utilize machine learning to better understand planetary materials and their formation.

Keck DTDI Meeting: Uranium Mineralogy with Peter Burns and Sam Perry (with a special new collaborator!)

The Keck DTDI group members from the Carnegie Geophysical Laboratory and Rensselaer Polytechnic came together with the world's leading expert in uranium mineralogy, Dr. Peter Burns, and his Ph.D.