Highlights of 4D at AGU

Shaunna Morrison, Tao Wen, Fang Huang, and Anirudh Prabhu convened an ELightning session on Data-Driven Discoveries in Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology, which included presentations from:

In addition to his ELightning presentation (above), Ahmed Eleish described his collaborative work on Interactive, Web-based Visualizations for Hierarchical Information and Knowledge in Geosciences: An Implementation on the Dana Classification and its Applications in an Elightning session (see tweet) and an additional ELightning poster on Exploration of artificial intelligence approaches to Earth observing remote sensing.

Shaunna Morrison presented a poster on Exploring carbon mineralogy and mineral evolution through deep time with advanced analytics and visualization.

In addition to his invited Union address and his ELighning presentation (above), Anirudh Prabhu presented a poster on Predicting unknown mineral localities based on mineral associations.

Shuang Zhang presented his work on Natural clustering of pyrite with implications for its formational environment.

In addition to his ELightning presentation above, Tao Wen as gave a talk on Ensuring reusability of water quality data: what have we learned as both data users and providers?

In addition to his invited ELightning (above) and Invited Union session talk (see News), Bob Hazen delivered presentations on: Mineral evolution, natural kinds, and the origins of life and Synthesizing carbon mineralogy: Insights on forms, quantities, and origins.

In addition to his Featured AGU Union address, Peter Fox also presented on the Implementation of Open-World, Integrative, Transparent, Collaborative Science Data Platforms Using Open Knowledge Networks.

DCO Early Career scientists gathered at AGU 2019.

4D and EarthChem/IEDA collaborators met at the EarthChem booth at AGU 2019.